The Aerial Host was the backbone of the military power of the Dragon Empire. It consisted in adult male dragons, trained to war after service in Drakwatch.

Strength Edit

Before the Age of Fire, the Aerial Host was estimated of being formed by 40 (the peak) to 32 mature dragons (RuGaard evaluated the 16 dragons unable to fly of the Tower of Dragons, half of the number of the Aerial Host), but in some engagement the force was known of numbering forty dragons.

During the last phase of the Age of Fire, the Aerial Host doubled its numbers (reaching up to eighty dragons of both genders).

History Edit

Once Dragon-riders were added in the Empire's military, the Aerial Host was split in Heavy Wing or Light Wing, depending on size and agility of the dragon and with Riders assigned to the Heavy Wing.

At first, a number of former dragons of the Dragon-riders formed the first core of the Heavy Wing.

During the reign of Tyr NiVom, the Aerial Host included also females that come from the Firemaidens, possibly doubling their numbers (bringing the number to eighty dragons, half of them in Heavy Wing and half in Light Wing).

During the Second Dragon Civil War, the whole Heavy Wing (forty dragons) was almost entirely exterminated in a notable battle.

Notable Members Edit

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