The Andam (whose name means "True" in Parl) was an human organization that rose at the beginning of the Age of Fire. They were also known as the Men of the Golden Circle or Circle of Man or "Alliance of the Golden Circle".

The Andam was a group that envisioned and tried to get the supremacy of the human race on all the other hominid races: its members were xenophobic and racists toward elves, dwarves, blighters, and violent toward each enemy (including humans that opposed their ideology).

Members of the group are known to be ideologically motivated and they didn't take prisoners. However, they were used to capture women: one of their practices was to give high regard to the men who fathered more children (by any method). Evidently such practice was to strength the superiority of the human race by increasing its numbers. Such ideology was named "Man's First Destiny".

From Wrimere's speech, it's also hinted that reading books and washing too much were considering an effeminate elven-like behavior.

History Edit

The Andam was actually fully adopted as ideology by the Dragon-riders (sharing the same leadership): the purposes of the Riders were the same of the Andam, behind a façade of good intentions.

All Dragon-riders under the Wyrmmaster were indoctrinated in Andam ideology.

Non-Riders Andam were strong into the Barbarian lands, even if their hand stretched even into the deep south when they directed the Ironriders in fighting the Diadem during the Battle of the Golden Road.

At the peak of the Dragon-riders Wars, Dragon-riders and also not-riders members were part of an expedition force that attempted to establish control over the Dragon Empire thanks the weak leadership of the corrupted Tyr SiMevolant.

With the end of the Dragon-riders Wars, the Andam was effectively disbanded. Contempt toward elves still remained among the barbarians of the north. Later the Red Queen of the Ghioz Empire attempted to extend her dominion on similar ideological basis (even if less radical and more pragmatic).

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