Anklamere (sometimes spelled Anklemere) was a powerful and mysterious human(?) ruler and sorcerer, during his life his power extended so far that the entire Age of the Sorcerer was named after him.

Little is known of his past, Anklamere has been one of the few individuals of history to practice true and powerful magic: it's known that the vast desert of the east has been the result of his magic, with craters created by fire-hail he called upon his enemies.

Anklamere was notorious to have put dragons on his service, especially the Lavadome's clan of scholars and studious, the Anklene (they took the clan name after him).

He ruled on the city of Kraglad and his dominion extended from the to Hypat to the rivers of the Falnges river on the Inland Ocean

The Lavadome itself was discovered by Anklamere (or created with magic, according a different story).

Eventually Anklamere was believed to have turned a mad despot, antagonizing his former friend king Tindairuss during the War of the Sorcerer until he was slayed by Tindairuss himself.

Origins Edit

Little is known about his origins, but after the Second Dragon Civil War, it was known how the whole crystal Lavadome was actually some kind of device to travel in time and space, maybe even a prison that brought Anklamere from some other world.

This, as for the incredible powers behind the Lavadome and the possible connection with the origin of the trolls, cast doubts about the real humanity of the mysterious sorcerer.