AuRon's Song, was the song AuRon created for his own mating flight.

As every proper dragon mating song, it's a collection of events, deeds and meetings during the dragon life, in addition with being a tribute for his lineage.

Thanks his Song, Natasatch accepted AuRon as mate.

Lyrics Edit

Line of AuNor, dragon bold

Flows to me from days of old,

And through years lost in the mist

My blood names a famous list.

By Air, by Water, by Fire, by Earth

In pride I claim a noble birth.

From EmLar Gray, a deadly deed

By his flame Urlant was freed,

Of fearsome hosts of blighters dark

And took his reward: a golden ark!

My Mother’s sire knew battle well

Before him nine-score villages fell.

When AuRye Red coursed the sky

Elven arrows in vain would fly,

He broke the ranks of men at will

In glittering mines dwarves he’d kill.

Grandsire he is through Father’s blood

A river of strength in fullest flood.

My egg was one of Irelia’s Clutch

Her wisdom passed in mental touch.

Mother took up before ever I woke

The parent dragon’s heavy yoke;

For me, her son, she lost her life

Murderous dwarves brought blackened knife.

A father I had in the Bronze AuRel

Hunter of renown upon wood and fell

He gave his clutch through lessons hard

A chance at life beyond his guard.

Father taught me where, and when, and how

To fight or flee, so I sing now.

Wistala, sibling, brilliant green

Escaped with me the axes keen

We hunted as pair, made our kill

From stormy raindrops drank our fill

When elves and dwarves took after us

I told her “Run,” and lost her thus.

Bound by ropes; by Hazeleye freed

And dolphin-rescued in time of need

I hid among men with fishing boats

On island thick with blown sea-oats

I became a drake and breathed first fire

When dolphin-slaughter aroused my ire.

I ran with wolves of Blackhard’s pack

Killed three hunters on my track

The Dragonblade’s men sought my hide

But I escaped through a fangèd tide

Of canine friends, assembled Thing

Then met young Djer, who cut collar-ring.

I crossed the steppes with dwarves of trade

On the banks of the Vhydic Ironriders slayed

Then sought out NooMoahk, dragon black

And took my Hieba daughter back

To find her kind; then took first flight

Saw NooMoahk buried in honor right.

When war came to friends I long had known

My path was set, my heart was stone

I sought the source of dreadful hate

And on this Isle I met my fate

Found Natasatch in a cavern deep

So I had one more promise to keep.

To claim this day my life’s sole mate

In future years to share my fate

A dragon’s troth is this day pledged

To she who’ll see me fully fledged.

Through this dragon’s life, as dragon-dame

shall add your blood to my family’s fame.

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