Avalanche was an horse, an animal living shortly before the Age of Fire.

Life and DeathEdit

Avalanche was a powerful horse, he lived with Rainfall and was the last source of income for the elf because he was used also for studding service. However one day, Eyan son of Rainfall, took Avalanche with him and charged to kill the troll who was devastating the estate: the half-elf was killed and Avalanche escaped in terror and shame. When Wistala arrived in Mossbell, at first the horse was suspicious of her but surprised the young drakka with his fiery behavior. Avalanche willingly helped in the plan to kill the troll and personally battled the horrible being but suffered mortal wounds and passed away in front of Wistala.

After deathEdit

With his sacrifice, the horse personally believed to have redeemed himself for having left the body of Eyan when his young master was killed by the troll. Even if Wistala later compared the difference of intelligence between Avalanche and Stog, she kept however a good memory of a proud and noble horse.


Avalanche was survived by a number of his colts, the human Dsossa recovered some of them to begin a career of horse-breeder after the death of Rainfall.

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