Battle of Ba-drink
Wistala and the Wheel of Fire by greendragon22
{{{Wistala during the battle, ready to hit King Gobold's barge}}}[1]
Time shortly before of the Age of Fire
Place Ba-drink.
Result Decisive Wheel of Fire defeat: downfall of King Gobold, Wheel of Fire left with a shadow of its strength. Downfall of Galahall after Hammar's death
Wheel of Fire Galahall,


Ragwrist's circus

King Gobold (killed)

Lord Lobok

other commanders

King Hammar (killed)


Wistala (also enemy of Hammar)

barbarian chieftains

remains of the Wheel of Fire Army,

dwarven militia

several barges

barbarians warriors and cavalry,

Ragwrist's circus volunteers

1 dragonelle


King Gobold killed

probably heavy

King Hammar killed

The Battle of Ba-drink was an important battle occurred shortly before the Age of Fire. It marked an important and decisive moment of the Wheel of Fire-Dragons War and was also the beginning of the end of the Wheel of Fire.


The battle was the culmination of Wistala's schemes to avenge the death of her family. It was also the direct aftermath of the failed Punitive expedition on Blacklake and Kark.


Shortly before the battle, Gobold sent his secret assassin, the blighter Yellowteeth, to assassinate Wistala, but he failed. Wistala herself played an huge part in the battle: she hit the dwarves's defensive towers, and eventually reached the frontline on the shore of the lake, prompting with a fake talk of doom and despair the soldiers to leaver their position in front of the charging barbarians. The battle however had a lull when the dwarves retreated on their barges to cross the lake and the barbarians remained on the shore. Wistala once again proved to be essential: she destroyed the dam and causing lake mass of water to flow away, allowing the barbarians to advance to engage the dwarves. Gobold attempted escaping with his royal barge on the remaining water, but Wistala rose to the sky, to make then a dive-attack and sunk the barge with an iron-ball, killing Gobold. However, while the barbarians were already conquering the last sacks of resistance in the towers, Wistala took also his revenge on "King" Hammar: she seized him and brought him among a group of desperate last dwarven warriors who ultimately killed him for revenge.

Aftermath Edit

The battle has a devastating effect on the Wheel of Fire, basically destroying most of the its power (both military and economy). The death of King Gobold carried to an end of the personal quest for avenging Wistala's family, but it didn't ended the feud. Wistala also caused he death of Hammar, bringing him to dwarves, liberating Mossbell's land from his rule.

The death of Hammar also affected the uneasy alliance of the different barbarian tribes.

Close the end of the battle, Wistala visited the family of Dragonblade and talked to his daughter to find him: not killing them was an essential element in the following decision of Dragonblade to settle a peace with the dragonelle and ends also this feud. This however would not prevent Eliam to join the Dragonguard nor Dragonblade himself to works for the Andam in the Lavadome, until his ultimate death by the Copper.

Wistala herself made an account of the events of the battle, thanks the pen of Lada, on accomplishment of being an Agent Librarian: she surprised Lada in making an uncommon realistic description of the battle, with little space for heroic deeds and uncensored description of death and tragedy.

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