Battle of Domlod
Time before of the Age of Fire
Place Domlod, Lower World
Result Decisive Wheel of Fire victory
Wheel of Fire Demen, blighters
King Gobold(wounded) King Paskinix
Wheel of Fire Army, river canoes demen hordes and blighter warriors
probably moderate probably heavy or very heavy

The Battle of Domlod was fought shortly before the Age of Fire in the Lower World between dwarves of the Wheel of Fire and demen.


Wheel of Fire wrestled for some years control of Lower World traits with the demen. After King Gobold rose to power, he decided to ultimately settle this conflict and engaged the demen in battle.


The battle was fought on underground rivers, with dwarves firing crossbow from their canoes. It appears that also blighters fought against the dwarves, possibly as mercenaries or with a local temporary alliance with the demen. King Gobold was present during the battle, and was wounded in action losing the right leg but surviving.

Aftermath Edit

Wheel of Fire emerged victorious over the demen, securing that portion of the Lower World.

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