Battle of Galahall
Time shortly before of the Age of Fire
Place Galahall
Result Wheel of Fire victory
Wheel of Fire Galahall
Lord Lobok

Field Commander Djosh

King Hammar

barbarian chieftains

Wheel of Fire warriors, one catafoua barbarians warriors and cavalry
Very light probably moderate or heavy

The Battle of Galahall occurred shortly before the Age of Fire, between the dwarves of the Wheel of Fire and the men of the self-proclaimed King Hammar (former Thane).


Wistala's false prophecies convinced King Gobold to send a party to recover the boy Rayg. However Wistala managed to convince the dwarf commander Lord Lobok with another false prophecy that if Hammar was going to claim that Rayg was of his own blood, this was going to turn into treachery and murder of the same Lobok. During the dinner Hammar talked about being the father of Rayg and the dwarves come to action.


Armed dwarves penetrated the hall from the windows and defeated the barbarians and their chief who were present at the dinner, because they were less used to close quarter fight in closed spaces. During the engagement, the dwarves suffered little losses. They recovered the kid, and once leaving Galhall they were briefly chased by barbarian cavalry, but this counter-attack was met with a catafoua fire, causing them losses.

Aftermath Edit

The dwarves returned to Ba-Drink with the kid Rayg, and Wistala had successfully caused a break-up of the friendly relationship between Hammar and Gobold. Rayg went in training with the Guild of Inventors, ultimately forging him as one of the most powerful and influential individuals of the Age of Fire. After the victory, the Wheel of Fire quickly sent the Punitive expedition on Blacklake and Kark.

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