The Battle of Ghihar was the conclusive act of the War of the Red Queen.

Battle of Ghihar
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{{{AuRon facing the Red Queen's tree}}}(c)[1]
Time Age of Fire
Place Ghihar city, Ghioz Empire
Result Decisive Dragon and Dairussian victory. End of the War.
Ghioz Empire Dragon Empire

Dairussian rebels

Red Queen (assumed dead)

other commanders

Tyr RuGaard




Naf Touraq(wounded)

Citadel Guards

Red Guards


Aerial Host

(including riders)

dragons volunteers

Griffaran Guard

One band of elite Dairussian rebels

bats (auxiliary)

Devastating (including civilians), all fighting force destroyed, surrounded or committed suicide

Red Queen assumed dead.

Moderate dragon and griffaran losses.

Very heavy Dairussian losses (including some captured and quickly executed)

Naf Touraq badly wounded

Background Edit

With the Ghioz offensive in Upholds, Tyr RuGaard took the decision to not engage the Aerial Host in battle, sparing his forces for what appeared to be the only desperate chance to win the war: a strike at the heart of the Ghioz Empire, the capital city Ghihar.

Concurrently, the Dairussian rebels led by Naf Touraq and the dragon AuRon (who had just returned from the northern campaign) decided to attempt a similar action.

Battle Edit

The two attacks against the Ghihar were not coordinated: AuRon carried on his back a small band of elite rebels (who wore only loincloths and carried minimum weapons, to not overloading the dragon and counting to recover armors on the enemy killed). Dairussians, with the help of AuRon, stormed the walls and engaged the Citadel Guard while AuRon managed to infiltrate the royal chambers of the Red Queen, killing her and discovering part of her secrets of incarnations. He chased her "spirit" until discovering the Red Queen's tree, and destroyed it before it could spawn other bodies. Meanwhile the Dairussians had suffered heavy losses due the overwhelming numbers of the Citadel Guards, with a number of rebels captured and executed (with their bodies left hanging to the walls), and the survivors (including a badly wounded Naf) barricaded into a tower and were then reached by AuRon himself.

The group could have ended killed, but luckily they were saved by the arrival of the Dragon Empire forces.

Tyr RuGaard had gathered the whole Aerial Host, the griffaran guards and recruited also all the willing dragons who could fight to assemble the largest ever fighting force of dragons of the Age of Fire. They exploited the recently forged alliance with the demen to march in the Lower World, unnoticed by the Ghioz Empire Roc-riders flying on the surface. When they came out from the tunnel, Tyr RuGaard granted mercy to NiVom (who was guarding the entry) and asked him to say all the Ghi-men who did not wanted fight the Dragon Empire to paint white on their houses' roofs.

Once reaching the city, the Aerial Host dived to attack the enemy forced on the walls and towers, rescuing the besieged Dairussians, while RuGaard himself led the griffaran guard against the Roc-riders.

Soon erupted a large aerial battle between dragons and griffaran agains the Roc-riders: the Dragon Empire force however could exploit the weak and strong points of two races, collaborating and cooperating to defeat the Roc-riders (griffaran were faster than Roc-riders). During such fight, Tyr RuGaard personally engaged and brought down a Roc-rider and his mount.

With the Roc-riders defeated, the dragons focused in setting afire key points of the city (igniting a large fire) and destroying concentrations of enemy troops on the ground. Dragons were successful even if there were some losses.

Finally the dragons moved to the Queen's palace, where some of the Citadel Guards fought to death, while dragons destroyed and set afire the palace and dropped their riders to ground fighting. The besieged Dairussians (with AuRon) were freed, while they were still under attack of remains of the Red Guards.

Aftermath Edit

Toward the last stage of battle, a number of servants of the Red Queen (including women and children) took their own life under a statue of the Queen.

The battle was the effective and surprising end of the War of the Red Queen, bringing the end to the Ghioz Empire and their civilization, allowing the long-craved return of the dragons in the Upper World.

The assumed death of the Red Queen however would be proved to be unfounded, and that being (who had left behind her original human forms) would later cause further war and conflict during the Second Dragon Civil War.

At the end of the battle, the dragons recovered the sun-shard: later this brought further power and knowledge (and possibly madness) to Rayg.

One of the dragons killed during the battle was CuSupfer (first) of the Aerial Host, died while fighting Rocs.

The city of Ghihar was later renamed Imperial City by the dragons.

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