The Battle of Juutfod occurred during the Second Dragon Civil War.

Battle of Juutfod
Time Age of Fire
Place Juutfod
Result Dragon Tower and Deep Alliance victory
Dragon Tower

Deep Alliance

Dragon Empire
Gettel unknown
multiple dragons

dwarfs warriors and armed human

Demen Legion
None or Light Heavy or Devastating

Background Edit

The Dragon Tower of Juutfod during the Age of Fire composed the second larger number of dragons in the known world after the Dragon Empire and outside its control. Born as remains of the defeated Dragon-riders, but with different and more peaceful purposes, the Dragon Tower offered help to the Siblings. For this reason and for the Imfamnia's desire to kills or submit each dragon, Juutfod become a logic target and previously the Light Wing was dispatched to order its surrender.

Battle Edit

A force of Demen assaulted the Tower but with little success due the high ground. Once DharSii visited the tower, he found the ground around it littered with Demon corpses. Gettel informed him that dwarfs fought alongside dragons.

Aftermath Edit

The quick (and rather expected) failure of the Demen, assured the survival of the Dragon Tower and the following dispatchment of reinforcement into the Second Battle of Hypat.

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