Battle of the Golden Road
Time shortly before the Age of Fire
Place on the Golden Road, close Vhydic River
Result Diadem victory
Diadem Kun-Dhlo Ironriders


Stal unknown

1 drake

Ironriders cavalry

Andam's advisors

Moderate Heavy

The Battle of the Golden Road, during the beginning of the Age of Fire, occurred when the Diadem's Caravan, having already traded goods with Wa'ah, was attacked on the way back by the Kun-Dhlo Ironriders.

Opposing Forces Edit

The Caravan had not faced battle in generations, however the Traveling Towers were heavily armed with war-machines and crossbows. Before the travel, the Caravan broke the contract with hired mercenary because was contracted the young drake Auron for protection. Ironriders force was composed mainly of horsemen, as their war tradition.

Members of the Andam took part at the battle (possibly after having pushed to the battle with diplomacy and promise of booty), but most of the fight was done by the Ironriders cavalry.

Battle Edit

Ironriders pillaged villages of the Kingdom of Wa'ah on the other side of the river, but soon their attention turned on the main prize. They assaulted with cavalry charge the travelling tower, using pigs wrapped with bags full of Sulf-Fire to ignite explosion and break openings in the dwarven defensive positions around the towers.

Dwarves however managed to pull back the assaults, with hand-to-hand fighting and crossbows fire: decisive for the outcome of the battle was the participation of the young drake Auron, whose fire and strength made the enemy pay an heavy toll.


With the coming of the evening, the Ironriders pulled back: they had failed to conquer the towers and the valued goods of the dwarves, even if the battle demanded the lives of brave dwarves, the outcome was a Diadem victory.

After the battle, Auron questioned about the standard he had witnessed in battle (a figure of a man inside a circle): later it was found that the Andam (to which belongs the symbol) was involved in the attack.

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