Battle of the Green Dancer
Time shortly before the Age of Fire
Place north of the Green Dancer river, Bant
Result Dragon Empire Victory
Ghioz Empire Dragon Empire
unknown SiDrakkon


1 unfinished fortification and its garrison 4 dragons

2 Sissa of Drakwatch (24 drakes)

1 Sissa of Firemaidens (12 drakkas)

All killed 1 drake killed

The Battle of the Green Dancer was a battle fought during the War in Bant.

Background Edit

After the beginning of the war and the Invasion of Northern Bant, the Upholder requested help from the Dragon Empire, prompting the Tyr to send an expedition. Knowing that the Ghi-men were already building a fortification north of the Green Dancer river, the Upholder NiThonius suggested a prolonged strategy of harassment, but SiDrakkon was eager to solve quickly the issue.

Battle Edit

SiDrakkon directed first an assault in three phases: first the Firemaidens attacked sentries at water holes and gained ground, then the drakes of the Drakwatch charged with covering of the three flying adult dragons erupting their fire on the Ghi-men gathered behind their unfinished fortification. The Ghi-men quickly broke their defense and collapsed, with the escaping ones chased by the Firemaidens in the high grass. During this phase, the dragons lost only one drake killed.

Aftermath Edit

That night the Dragons celebrated their victory and the same was done in Lavadome once Rugaard brought news. Tyr FeHazathant sent back a message to search for an agreement, to not prolong the conflict, but such proposal could not be achieved.

Shortly after the battle, the dragons also intercepted in open field the Ghioz cavalry and quickly destroyed such force.

Dragons underestimated the military skill of the Ghioz Empire and such mistake caused heavy losses in the Battle of the Black River.

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