Battle of the Hurth crossing
Time before the Age of Fire
Place Hurth crossing
Result Decisive Diadem victory
Diadem Ironriders
unknown K’ada va K’on
Caravan probably many Ironriders
Probably Low Probably Very Heavy

The Battle of the Hurth crossing is one of the many engagement fought by the dwarves of the Diadem against the Ironriders while travelling south with one of their annual caravans.

Little is known about the battle, only that it ended in a bloody defeat for the Ironriders at the point that the river turned red because of their blood.

Note Edit

The leader of the Ironriders, known as Stormrider K’ada va K’on is probably related (due name similarities) with Ju Ain K’on (who was commander of the Ironriders during the War of the Sorcerer), even if its' also possible that "K’on " is a title and not a family-name.

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