The Battle of the Isle of Ice (not to be confused with the Insurrection on the Isle of Ice), was the first engagement occurred during the Second Dragon Civil War.

Battle of the Isle of Ice
Time Age of Fire
Place Isle of Ice
Result Exiles victory (with their survival).
Grand Alliance

including Protectorate of the Isle of Ice


Protector Ouistrela

The Siblings
1 Protector

1 dragon

5 griffaran (one defected during the battle)

mercenary barbarians

1 non-combatant dragon-dame

3 dragons

1 dragonelle

1 griffaran who defected from the enemy during battle

wolves (scouts)

4 griffaran killed, 1 defected

all barbarian killed or captured (then released)

minor wounds, except one dragon with heavier wounds


After the Third Battle of Lavadome, the political opponents of Tyr RuGaard managed to gather the numbers to oppose openly to his leadership: this lead to a blood-less coup, that ousted from power RuGaard and brought SiHazathant as new Tyr (and Regalia as Queen). The new leadership of the Empire, agreed with NiVom (that had been a key element in the coup) to sent in exile RuGaard and his followers: Wistala, AuRon and Shadowcatch. However Imfamnia schemed to kill the exiles, bringing in secret the Isle of Ice into the Grand Alliance as a Protectorate and appointing Ouistrela as Protector.


Imfamnia's move was fully backed Ouistrela who was eager to fully establish her dominance on the whole Isle, she had gathered a number of barbarians with great net and arrows. She also brought a red dragon and 5 griffaran.

Wolves (loyal to AuRon) alerted the Exiles of the incoming attack just in time.

While an engagement erupted on ground, AuRon attempted to face alone the griffaran: she knocked down two of them, and engulfed with fire the third one before being wounded by the fourth one (who was going to finish him), but the fifth one, the old veteran Miki, decided to defect and join the exiles, beheading the fourth griffaran.

AuRon and Miki chased away the red dragon, while the barbarians were defeated and Ouistrela was forced to give up her duel with Shadowcatch. Left with none to help them, also the remained barbarians escaped (Imfamnia had left the battle without engaging in combat).


The attempt to kill the exiles proved a failure for Imfamnia, and also make them realize how there would have still be a threat coming from her.

The Exiles (now with the addition of Miki), fled to Sadda-Vale, with the exception of Shadowcatch, who reached the Dragon Tower, because of his wounds at the wings.

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