The Battle of Iwensi riverbank was a bloody battle fought during the Second Dragon Civil War.

Battle of the Iwensi riverbank
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{{{Dragon facing a troll}}}(c)[1]
Time Age of Fire
Place Iwensi river, Dairuss
Result Decisive Imfamnia's faction victory
Dragon Empire (Imfamnia) Dragon Empire
unknown BaMelphistran (killed)


many mutated trolls Heavy Wing (40 dragons)

with Dragonriders

Possibly moderate All killed except one dragon


The Dragon Empire's Heavy Wing of the Aerial Host returned from the campaign of the   War in Sunstruck Sea with orders to  meet and defeat the advance of the former Tyr RuGaard. However they were dispatched to rest close the riverbank of Iwensi river rather than taking shelter in the Golden City: such move was planned by Imfamnia who feared the Heavy Wing to join the rebels like done already by the Light Wing. Once Imfamnia assassinated the Tyr NiVom, she sent order to her trolls to attack the Heavy Wing. 


The attack occurred on night and caught Dragons and Dragonriders by surprise. Still Dragons fought back and the fighting was brutal but the new enpowered trolls were too numerous and a never-seen-before enemy to be properly faced. Among the first one to fall was the Aerial Host commander BaMelphistran (who reached the camp earlier) killed into his tent. AuSurath fought bravely, alongside his Dragonrider Gundar, but soon realized there was no hope and issued an order of escape. Gundar himself sacrified his life to allow AuSurath to escape.


AuSurath was the only known survivor of the battle. He managed to escape and reach his sire AuRon.

Having wiped-out the Heavy Wing, Imfamnia deprived the Siblings of a potential boost for their force. The destruction of the Heavy Wing was also possibly the heaviest death toll on dragons occurred during a single battle during the Age of Fire, surpassing the deads of the Massacre at the Grand Feast.

For the rest of his life, AuSurath never forgave himself for being deep asleep at the very first moment of the attack.

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