Battle of the Misted Dawn
Time shortly before the Age of Fire
Place jungle south of the Bissonian scarpes
Result blighters victory
"Uldam's Gates" blighters Princedoms of Sunstruck Sea


~2000 warriors

including Fireblades

1 dragon

~4000 (infantry, archers, phalanxes)


Moderate Heavy

The Battle of the Misted Dawn (also known as "Southling war") occurred when blighters under the AuRon's command fought a battle against men of the south that were marching against them, some time after he took residence in the old lair of NooMoahk.

Opposing Forces Edit

Blighters had gathered a force of few thousands of warriors, yet they were estimated to be half of the force of their foes. Strongest fighters of the blighters were the "Fireblades", while the southern men had war-machines but they could not use them in battle.

Years after the Battle, Unrush valued of having "ten score, ten times and four”, an amount of 1680 warriors (with one score equal to a dozen). Probably a similar numbers were present during the battle, with losses occurred being partially replenished in the following years, making the blighters forces ~2000 warriors.

Battle Edit

To overcome the difference in numbers, the blighters started the hostilities in night, using torches to make the enemy believe of having higher numbers. AuRon played a key role in the battle, setting afire and destroying the men's war-machines. Both sides fought with energy, giving no quarter, and eventually the blighters emerged victorious.

Aftermath Edit

The battle resulted into a blighter victory, preventing further intrusions of the men of the south. AuRon estimated that he could even lead the blighters to the south, because the men would have been too much weak to oppose a raid, but no such action was made.

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