The Battle of the Tooth Cavern took place during the long Demen War many years before the Age of Fire.

Battle of the Tooth Cavern
Time before of the Age of Fire
Place Tooth Cavern, Lower World
Result Dragon Empire victory.
Dragon Empire demen
unknown unknown
unknown a large army
probably light or moderate probably very heavy or devastating

Battle Edit

It was one of the many battles fought between Dragons and demen during the years before the Age of Fire: demen were besieging the Lavadome, attempting to gain access to passages around the Lavadome itself (probably to cut the supplies from the Upper World).

If the Tooth Cavern would have fallen, that demen army was still separated from the Lavadome by the Lake of Echoes and the Long Fall, before being able to penetrate in the Lavadome.

The demen army attacked the Dragons defending the bridges into the cave probably from all the sides (from below, above and on the same bridges), but eventually were destroyed.

Aftermath Edit

Years after the battle, piles of demen skulls still decorate the bottom of the cavern, under the massive bridges the demen failed to conquer.

No enemy attacked the Tooth Cavern after that battle, and its guards were only bothered to checks for minor bandits, during the years before of the Age of Fire.

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