Cats are animals inhabiting the world. They're small felines, often living close hominids, but roaming freely at night for their hunts and other activities.

Lives and Features Edit

Cats speak a language easy to be understood by dragons, even it appears most of them doesn't know about dragons.

Drakine and cat-talk are known to be similar, even if direct translations isn't easy.

They have considerable intelligence, pride and self-confidence, even when dealing with a metal-starved drakka, they're skilled hunters but after having hunt they often enjoy long naps.

According Yari-Tab, cats doesn't believe in things as "Order" and enjoy bringing some chaos.

Despite sharing some behaviors and mentality with dragons, cats appears to have no concept of forming couples of mates bond by feelings: cats are lonely being and happy to be so. The she-cats encountered and befriended by Wistala had kits without a word or mention to the male (or males) they've mated with.

About the fathers, it's said among cats that they are: "One of a dozen possibles and not much for hanging about"

Among cats, a "tchatlassat"/Talassat is a term to identify a distant blood relative who is also a friend. Yari-Tab called Wistala her own "tchatlassat". A similar term exists in Drakine language: "kazhin".

Cats also enjoy lots talking about themselves and their feats and adventures: Wistala learned that cats could spent hours doing it.

Known cats Edit

Yari Sunwarm Fourth Orangedaughter (Yari-Tab)




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