The Crystal staff, also known as the staff-shard or perspicacitor was one of the mysterious objects linked to the powerful wizard Anklemere.

It was one of the three main crystals linked to the Lavadome (structure) and the sun-shard, but it's location was unknown.

Wistala and DharSii searched for the crystal in the same birth-cave of the Siblings, believing that it was protected by AuRel and Irelia. But when they explored the cave, the crystal was gone.

Later, it was found in the hands of Rayg, and he used the staff power in conjuction of the Lavadome and the sun-shard during the events of the Fourth Battle of Lavadome.

The staff itself was also used directly as a weapon by the wizard, while fighting the Red Queen (who possessed the body of Imfamnia).

Recovery of the staff Edit

It is unclear exactly how Rayg recovered the staff.

However it is likely that the crystal itself was the one owed by the dwarf Seeg. While the dwarf (a leader of the Deep Alliance who joined the Siblings), was going to travel with the dragons to Juutfod, he was robbed by a company of mercenary (led by Halfmoon and Ghastmath). It is extremely likely that the mercenaries were hired by Rayg himself to recover the crystal, who was later mounted into the staff.

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