CuDasthene was a dragon who lived during and after the Age of Fire.

He was conceived by Wistala and (secretly) by DharSii, but according the agreement Wistala made with Scabia, the clutch was given in adoption to Aethleethia.

NaStirath was officially believed to have been sired the clutch.

Aethleetia agreed to not allowing a clutch-fighting, so all the males of the clutch survived.

CuDasthene, alongside his siblings, were at first raised in a pampered way in the halls of Vesshall and he soon grew as the stronger of the three males.

During the crisis with the Dragon Empire, all the hatchlings were assembled to make their contribution to organize the evacuation.

Fate Edit

Alongside his siblings, CuDasthene survived the Age of Fire, and their lives were extremely important for the survival of the dragonkind, being descendants of the rarest of the original bloodlines (the one of Sadda-Vale).

It's not known, if later during his life, CuDasthene or his siblings learned about who truly conceived them.

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