The Demen War was a long protracted conflict fought before and during the Age of Fire in the Lower World.

Demen War
Time before and during the Age of the Fire
Place Lower World
Result Decisive Dragon Empire victory (see also aftermath)
Dragon Empire

griffaran allies

Tyr RuGaard (last phase)

HeBellereth(last phase)

Ayafeeia (last phase)

King Paskinix (last phase)(captured)

General Gigrix(last phase) (captured)


Aerial Host




armed thralls


multiple armies
very heavy Devastating (eventually all killed or captured)

Background Edit

Details of the beginning of hostilities are scarce: Demen claimed it begun when the Lavadome (claimed as their ancestral and sacred ground) was inhabited by dragons shortly during the Age of the Sorcerer. Competition for control of the tunnels and passages in the Lower World and scarce amount of natural resources, brought demen and dragons into the long conflict.

Ancestral hatred between the demen and griffaran, brought the avians in alliance to the dragons (demen used to steal and eat their griffaran's eggs).

First phase Edit

The war was fight mostly in the darkness of tunnels: demen attempted each time to exploit higher numbers and attack in close range or ambush the dragons, each time paying huge losses for every dragon brought down. Despite the huge kill-ratio, the dragons too suffered heavy losses because the demen were tenacious warriors. Demen briefly allied with dwarves and blighters during the First Battle of Lavadome, it was the attempt that almost brought them to victory (with dragons weakened by the civil wars), but failed.

In the years of Tyr FeHazathant the demen lost ground little by little, during the Battle of the Tooth Cavern they suffered a big defeat.

Conclusion Edit

With the rise of Tyr RuGaard, the dragons found a new leader that swore to finish the conflict. After the Dragon-riders Wars, dragons had changed the structure of the Aerial Host, bringing riders (sometimes Free Thralls) on their back and dragons were also used to ferry armed thralls on the frontline. Such new tactics were implemented and used to score a decisive win during the First Battle of the Star-Tunnel. The Star-Tunnel has been for years the main inhabited place of the demen, compared by importance to the same Lavadome for the dragons. The battle also ended with heavy losses for the demen and most of the army was captured.

King Paskinix, the last leader of the demen, was a cunning and proud warrior and did not gave up: she had captured alive a dragonelle, hoping to use her as bargain, but she was rescued and in the following Second Battle of the Star-Tunnel what was left of the demen force was destroyed or scattered. Left alone, King Paskinix was briefly captured but managed to escape only to became a fugitive and being eventually captured once again.

Aftermath Edit

The war was over, but the outcome surprised many: Tyr RuGaard had effectively defeated the demen and could have order the final extermination of the prisoners (and the extinction of the race) or enslave them. Instead he offered King Paskinix to ends the war with a peace and forging an alliance between demen and dragons. Despite such offering was aiming to exploit the demen as a military force for the Dragon Empire (and it required an oath to loyalty to the Tyr), it also allowed much of what was desired by the demen: a return in Lavadome and freedom to rebuild their "sun-mines" (crops). This aftermath of the conflict actually made the demen vassals of the Empire, and established the Demen Legion as fighting force.

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