The Charted Company of Diadem (shortly known as Diadem) was a powerful dwarven mercantile company, trading goods from Hypatia, the Red Mountains and the lands of the east.

The Diadem had little relationships with the Wheel of Fire, because differently from them, the company enrich with trades rather than war.

The headquarters of the company reside in the Delvings located in Waterfall Mountain on the Falnges: there reside a large dwarf population and the leadership of the Diadem.

Leadership Edit

The Diadem is ruled by the Partners, whose political power match with their richness. Originally the Company had 10 Founding Partners, more than 600 years before the Dragon-riders War, and the number rose up to 60 Partners, even if some were located in different cities and in the eastern trade settlements.

Political decisions are took by majority vote among the Partners, even if in some cases it's bypassed, when the two old original Founding Partners (both having more than 600 years) overcome the other rules to give themselves the Partnership title to the young dwarf Djer, who befriended Auron.

Caravan Edit

The backbone of the richness of the Diadem it's the Caravan: each year, the dwarves organize an armed convoy to cross the Ironriders lands, to buy spices, timbers, fabrics, and metals that can't be found close the Inland Sea, carrying the items back to sell them in Hypatian or Barbarian lands. The Diadem usually pay for armed guards or even bribe the Steppe Kings of the Ironriders to allow free pass without conflict.

Being allowed to work into a Caravan it's considered an honor and an opportunity to rise in the social system of the Diadem.

The Caravan is formed by a number of the impressive and huge "traveling tower": masterpieces of the dwarven engineering.

Military Edit

Despite being a mercantile company, the Diadem has a military strength to protect its interests and the lives of the dwarves that lives in the Delvings.

Guards protecting the gates of the Delvings are armed with pikes, and are covered with golden mail under red capes, red leather boots and layers of chain and woven cord shielding their eyes.

The Diadem's Caravans are heavily armed also on the travelling towers (aside hired mercenaries): towers are full of fixed crossbows and war-machines that launch javelins and other projectiles.

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