Djer Highboots was a dwarf of the Diadem, who befriended the young drake Auron and rose to he position of Partner for the Company.

History Edit

Djer was a young dwarf of the Diadem, after having spent years of low-level jobs, he managed to rise to the position of trader and made voyages with his cart. During his youth, he was betrothed to a female dwarf. One day his life was changed forever when his path was crossed with the one of the Siblings. Wistala found Djer while he was eating, and was going to assault him, but restrained herself once witnessing how the dwarf cared to one of the horses pulling the cart, rather than enjoying his meal: a first act of compassion saved his life and ignited in Wistala's mind the doubt that not all the hominids were evil. Later he directly met with a young Auron: at first he attempted to chase away the young drake giving coins, but once learned the gray male could not use them for his hunger, the dwarf started to talk with him. Djer gave his help to Auron with information and removing the collar around his neck: this was the beginning of an unusual and strong friendship because the pair travelled together until reaching the Delvings. There Auron asked to be taken in service of the Diadem, joining the Caravan, and demanded his deal was strictly linked with Djer: his requests resulted in Djer being promoted to Partner, an incredibly rare event for a so young dwarf. Auron and Djer friendship became stronger during the voyage and fought together during the Battle of the Golden Road. However the two friends had to split, because Auron needed to search answers for his questions in the east.

Death and Legacy Edit

Djer kept acting as Partner, and was an important warrior and commander directing the dwarven defenses during the Siege of the Delvings. AuRon had learned of the attack, but he reached his friend too late: Djer has been mortally wounded by dragon-fire, while directing a raid of warriors and saving the life of a wounded comrade. AuRon exchange few sad words with his old friend, in deep pain for the wounds, before giving him a merciful death crushing his skull.

Djer's life and death had a great legacy being one of the few individuals of his time to have befriended a Dragon and for his great qualities of young leader and altruistic friend and warrior. He was honored after his death by AuRon and the other dwarves.

Quotes Edit

“You worked double shifts in that mine to buy into the Chartered Company. You worked hard and drove your cart even when it wasn’t bringing you much in return. Then you did a favor for a strange beast that in another time or place might have killed you. Your success is entirely your own.” Auron, speaking to Djer, in Dragon Champion.

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