Dragon-riders Wars
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{{{AuRon above the Inland Ocean}}}[1]
Time beginning of the Age of Fire
Place Mostly into and around the Inland Ocean
Result Defeat of the Dragon-riders. Remains gather in the Dragon Tower. Beginning of the Age of Fire.


blighter allies

Ironriders allies

Dragon Empire (briefly subjected to Dragon-riders, except the rebel group Immortal Memory)

Ghioz Empire (secret support)

independent dragons

Dragon Empire (briefly subjected to Dragon-riders, except the rebel group Immortal Memory)

Swayport's pirates

elven cities

dwarfs cities

Hypatian Empire (limited)



Eliam (killed)

Tyr SiMevolant (killed)

many (including The Siblings)
Dozens of Dragons with riders


allies and mercenary forces

multiple armies
Very heavy Very heavy

Dragon-riders Wars (or War), also known as Race wars, were a series of conflicts begun by the Dragon-riders at the beginning of the Age of Fire. They hade a great role in shaping the History: as result of the Second Battle of Lavadome, the Age of Fire begun.


The Dragon-riders rose after the leadership of Wrimere. He also shaped also the ideology of the "Man's First Destiny", that was followed among also non-Riders among barbarians and Ironriders, into a group known as Andam. It waged a war of racial superiority for the humans, and envisioned the extermination of dwarves and elves, as well as the enslaving of dragons.

Battles and campaignsEdit

Dragon-riders settled in the Isle of Ice and quickly gathered strength and support from the Barbarians lands (most of the Riders were from these lands).

Dragon-riders attacked elves settlements, destroying the cities of Enderad and Ilslis and sacking the old city of Krakenoor that was destroyed during the Fall of Krakenoor

A similar campaign was done against the dwarves: they destroyed the city of Kell, with the support of allies blighters, after the Siege of Kell, but the Siege of the Delvings resulted into a stalemate.

The fist of the Dragon-riders extended even in the far south, when Andam members successfully recruited Ironriders for the Battle of the Golden Road that however ended with a defeat.

Another minor defeat was suffered during the First Battle of Swayport, against the Pirate Lords

During this time of conflict, the land of Dairuss became a refuge for thousands of refugees from the elven lands.

The Dragon-riders suffered an heavy blow when they carried on a campaign in the south. They attacked and conquered the Dragon Empire's Uphold of Anaea, triggering the downfall of Tyr SiDrakkon and the rise of Tyr SiMevolant who allowed the dragons of Lavadome to be subjected at the Andam after the Night of the Desperate Deaths. Dragons of the Immortal Memory group however organized a resistance and a plan to overcome the invaders, that culminated in the Second Battle of Lavadome. The defeat caused huge losses to the Dragon-riders and it was effectively the only true defeat they suffered before the following events on the Isle of Ice.

Eventually, the Wars came to an end, when the dragon AuRon (after having infiltrated the Dragon-riders) organized and directed the Insurrection on the Isle of Ice, depriving the Dragon-riders of the dragonelles (they were used for breeding purpose) and most important of all, causing the death of Wrimere, thus eliminating their leadership.

Remains of hostile Dragon-riders were known to have operated for some little time after the death of Wrimere: Shadowcatch has been said to have fought against them.

Outcome Edit

The Wars caused massive losses in lives and destruction of cities, especially to dwarfs and elves. Also the Humans suffered greatly for the war because the Dragon-rider had no mercy for who they labeled as "traitors" (including the people of Hypatian Empire).

Many dragons were killed when the Dragon-riders searched for young hatchlings, including the parents of The Siblings.

In the south, the dragons suffered many losses but eventually the war brought RuGaard to take the title of Tyr, calling the beginning of the Age of Fire.

The breeding of new dragons on Isle of Ice eventually brought hope for the dragonkin: even if many of the dragons that temporarily settled in the Isle of Ice later joined the Dragon Empire, during the Second Dragon Civil War the participation of the dragons from the Dragon Tower was a decisive factor to contribute in the victory on the Second Battle of Hypat.

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