Dragon Civil Wars
Time aftermath of the Age of the Sorcerer
Place Lavadome
Result Unification of the Dragons under Tyr FeHazathant
Wyrr Skotl Anklene
Heavy Heavy Heavy

The Dragon Civil Wars (or War) were a series of bloody hostilities, conflicts and feuds among the dragons living in the Lavadome, where they gathered as aftermath of the downfall of Anklamere.

The three groups of dragons gathered into the Lavadome, but their differences brought to a long series of feuds and revenge killings often which led to open warfare.

According SiDrakkon one of the reason of the hostilities has been a famine of ore and other metals.

At the first the hostilities were only among Skotl and Wyrr, then Anklene were involved.

The peak of the hostilities was reached with even the destruction of unborn clutches.

It's known that during this heavy phase of the conflict, females organized as Firemaidens and Firemaids (the latter include the most old and experienced warriors and under oath of celibate) to protect all the clutches, regardless the faction.

Outcome Edit

Once news of the infighting among dragons reached the hominids, a large force was gathered attempting to wipe-out the weakened dragons. In the following First Battle of Lavadome, the dragons united under the leadership of FeHazathant, to face the common enemy.

The conflict ended with the rising to power of Tyr FeHazathant of the Wyrr: he established an Imperial line (taking the title of "Tyr" from an old rank of Anklamere's dragons) and a leadership that aimed to represent the interests of all the three clans.

Despite the end of the conflict, the fears of a resurgence of the war remained strong in Tyr FeHazathant and his successors.

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