The Dragon Tower, also known as Dragonheight Dragon Tower of Juutfod, or simply Juutfod (after the location), was an independent stronghold inhabited by the remains of the Dragon-riders during the Age of Fire. The name was also used for the organization of dragons and riders.

Origins Edit

With the downfall of the Dragon-riders, during the Dragon-riders Wars, a number of riders and dragons gathered in one of the survived strongholds located in Juutfod. There the riders and their dragons survived as independent organization for the whole Age of Fire.

Organization Edit

The Dragon Tower was ruled by Gettel: under her leadership, the riders abandoned the extremist purposes of Wrimere (even if many kept some general racial contempt against dwarfs and elves), and engaged in private mercenary activity for the nearby barbarian tribes or Hypatians.

Dragons and riders enjoyed a more mutual relationship, compared to the one of the original Dragon-riders: male dragons were not castrated and they were known to have attracted the interests of the Isle of Ice's dragonelles.

The Dragon Tower also gathered crippled and wounded dragons from the war (all unable to fly), and provided shelter and food for them: they made a significant portion of the living dragons in the tower and were later employed in war.

Apart the 16 crippled dragon (called "pensioners", including Shadowcatch), the Copper could witness six females (one of them pregnant) and two males into a single level of the tower and later evaluated that not less than six dragons lived into the whole tower any time (probably excluding the females).

Achievements and Legacy Edit

The Dragon Tower played a key role during the Second Dragon Civil War, taking side of the exiled Siblings, and providing a powerful and effective fighting force.

Even if after the end of the Age of Fire, the organization did not survived, Dragons and riders merged into the new world of the Age of Foundations (choosing a private life or joining the mercenary Free Wings).

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