Eliam (also known as Dragonblade, after his father) was an human living during the Age of Fire. He was a dragon-slayer, son of the human known as Dragonblade.

History Edit

After having been wounded and scarred (losing an eye) on the face after the confrontation with Wistala during the Invasion of Mossbell, he worked with the Dragon-riders as captain of the Dragonguard.

He claimed to have killed a hundred dragons (including also drakes and hatchlings), but most (if not all) of these killings have been over harmless chained dragons: it is however highly probable that Eliam made an exaggerated over-claim, both due his personality and the clear difference in skill compared with his own father (who was claimed by Eliam himself to have killed a quarter of the number he had).

Eventually he fought during the Insurrection on the Isle of Ice and slaughtered a chained dragonelle before being faced and killed by AuRon.

Personality Edit

Differently from his father, Eliam was even more cruel and sadistic, without the quality of Dragonblade of keeping his oath.

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