Eyan was an half-elf living shortly before the Age of Fire.

Life and Death Edit

He was son of Rainfall: being born as an half-elf, he enjoyed a fascinating feature especially for human women, and took opportunity because of this to spent his youth in pleasures and lust.

Eventually he returned to Mossbell with a motherless daughter of him: Lada. Rainfall argued with him, to make his son taking his responsibilities but the Eyan instead rushed after such words for a reckless attempt to kill the troll who was causing many damage and death to the land around Mossbell: he paid such bravery with his life.

Legacy Edit

Rainfall deeply mourned the death of his son, blaming himself for his son's mistakes. Also Avalanche, who was rode by Eyan in the battle, regretted having left behind the body of his master and having escaped from the troll. Ultimately Wistala avenged Eyan's death, killing the troll, and during the fight also Avalanche redeemed his past (even if at the cost of his life). Eyan's daughter, Lada give birth to Rayg by Thane Hammar. Rayg himself played an important role during the events of the Age of Fire.

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