Fall of Krakenoor
Time shortly before the Age of Fire
Place Krakenoor
Result Decisive Dragon-riders victory
Dragon-riders sea-elves of Krakenoor
unknown Rider commander Lord Firewind(killed)
24 Dragons with riders

some drakes

Krakenoor's defenders
1 Dragon killed

light Riders losses

Only 1 known survivor

The Fall of Krakenoor (or massacre of Krakenoor) occurred during the Dragon-riders Wars. It resulted in the destruction of one of the most ancient and beautiful elven cities, inhabited by sea-elves.

Opposing Forces Edit

Despite the city was caught on surprise, evidently many of the elves were ancient and had experiences in war and strategy: the Dragon-riders had to deploy a considerable force to destroy them, two dozens of mounted dragons and a number of wingless drakes.

Battle Edit

The Aerial force of the Dragon-riders attacked from sea the Wetside: the floating half of the city in the Inland Sea. They brought great destruction, setting afire the city and destroying boats and ships, who wasn't burned to death in Wetside attempted to flee by swimming into the bay, but they were met by the wingless drakes.

On the Dryside the elves managed to put a resistance under the leadership of Lord Firewind: the Lord himself managed to bring down a dragon with his riders team, thanks one of his arrows from his famous seven-foot bow, but he was eventually killed by another dragon. Quickly the elven resistance was broken and the massacre started.

Outcome Edit

The city was entirely destroyed, probably the entire population was slaughtered, with only a scarred Hazeleye known to have survived as lonely witness of the fall of the city.

A large floating platform was captured intact by the Dragon-riders: it was later used a sea base for their further operations.

The famous jewels of Krakenoor were lost during the sacking of the city: adventurers searched for them on the Isle of Ice years later, but found nothing while confronting AuRon.

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