Fall of Silverhigh
Time end of the Age of the Sky-Kings
Place the World
Result Destruction of the Silverhigh, downfall and exile of the Dragons in Lower World, rise of hominids.

other Dragons

rebellious hominids (humans, elves, dwarfs)
Dragon Kings Prymelete (killed)
Loyalist hominid Army

dragons reinforcement (later)

Rebellious hominid Army
Very Heavy Probably Very Heavy

The Age of the Sky-Kings come to an end with a bloody rebellion started by a man named Prymelete, a soothsayer turned into a conspirator and rebel leader. Dragons has grown adapted to a comfortable life, while delegating the military needs to a large Army of hominids (mostly humans). Prymelete is said to have stolen dragon fire (but it could have been probably only blood) and, having mixed it with vine, gave it to drink to his fellow hominid conspirators.

The hominids gained strength and bravery, and led a large fraction of the Army in rebellion against the Dragons, defeating the loyalists Army: dragons were too much unsuitable to war and conflict and many were murdered or hunted down without fighting.

It's believed that until the very end, the machinations of Prymelete deceived the dragons, facilitating the end of the war: he was able to pronounce words of doom and despair, to prevent the dragons leading their loyalist hominid Army.

Only after Silverhigh was left in ruin and many dragons were killed, other dragons coming from a distant place of the World came in help of their cousins: they managed to capture and slain Prymelete but the outcome of the conflict could not be changed.

Survived dragons retired in the Lower World, while the Upper World was left to the hominids and their growing kingdoms.

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