The Fall of the Ironriders (also known as a series of "great raids") was a conflict occurred during the Age of Fire, causing the end of the Ironriders civilization. Despite being never called with such name, the characteristics of the conflict could qualify it as a genocide.

Fall of the Ironriders
Time Age of Fire
Place Sweep of the Ironriders
Result Decisive Dragon Empire victory. End of the Ironriders civilization.
Dragon Empire

Hypatian Empire

Sun-king NiVom multiple commanders
Aerial Host

Hypatian troops

dwarfish slavers

probably many armed bands
Probably very light. Devastating. Including many civilians.

Many were turned in slaves


The warring nomadic people of the Ironriders had a long history of conflicts with the nearby peoples. During the first years of the Age of Fire they suffered greatly for having sided with the Ghioz Empire during the War of the Red Queen.

With the establishment of the Grand Alliance, that was infact a new rule imposed by the Dragon Empire, it was just a matter of time before Hypatians and Dragons decided to settle once and for all the issues of the horsemen raiders.


Most of the offensive was made by the Dragon Aerial Host, carrying repetitive raids on the large sweep of the Ironriders, with support of Hypatian ground troops.

The whole vaste land was scarred and burned, causing huge loss among the Ironriders and the destruction of the whole civilization.

It is likely that the dragons heavily relied on the air superiority while engulfing with fire villages and groups of enemy horsemen. The flat ground of the sweep, could have hardly give cover for the Ironriders.


In little time, the old and once-powerful people of the Ironriders were broken.

Only few persons inhabited the devastated lands, and they were often subjected of raids by dwarfish slavers.

Most of the prisoners, were took in slavery by the Dragon Empire.

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