FeMissanith was a young Anklene dragon who lived during the Age of Fire.

Life Edit

He was a member of the Aerial Host, he was known for being an example for the few Anklenes in the Host, and was known to fight like a Skotl.

He took part at the Second Battle of Swayport, playing a decisive role when charged and destroyed from air one last formation of enemy fighters behind a wall of shields and spears.

His action was successful, but he was struck by a boulder launched by a fight machine from an enemy tower.

After the battle, he was found to be unconscious, broken-back, and destined to be crippled unable to fly or even to open his eyes. He received a merciful death by his own dragon-rider with a spear.

Legacy Edit

He was saluted as an hero, and only fall dragon brief conflict against the Pirate Lords.

Tyr RuGaard allowed the riders and Hypatians to toast on his blood, after the battle (such decision wasn't well-received by all the dragons, but Tyr RuGaard found it fair, considering that dragons feasted on the body of enemies).

His body was burned, and his dragon-rider painted a golden laudi on his wing.

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