The First battle for the sun-shard was fought in Old Uldam during the Age of Fire.

First Battle for the sun-shard
Time Age of Fire
Place Old Uldam
Result Decisive blighters victory
"Uldam's Gates" blighters demen
unknown Paskinix

including Fireblades

many warriors
Probably moderate or light Probably heavy

Battle Edit

News of the death of NooMoahk, rose the interest of the demen king Paskinix to recover the sun-shard. However his forces were surprised by the unexpected strength and will of fight of the blighters who had took oath to protect the shard.

Aftermath Edit

The demen were defeated and Paskinix was forced to renounce at his plans: this would later give free space for the Ghioz Empire to recover the sun-shard after the Second and Third Battle for the sun-shard.

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