The First Battle of Hypat was an important battle fought during the War of the Red Queen.

First Battle of Hypat
Time Age of Fire
Place Hypat city, Hypatian Empire
Result Decisive Hypatian and Dragon victory
Ironriders Dragon Empire

Hypatian Empire

multiple princes Queen Nilrasha (wounded)



General Sandwash


Thane Roff


other commanders

Ten thousands (mostly horsemen) Firemaids


48 Knights of the Directory

Hypatian spearmen, horsemen and armed civilians

armored thugs

bats (auxiliary)

All killed or surrounded Heavy losses (including Hypatian civilians)

Queen Nilrasha badly wounded

Background Edit

The Ironriders invasion of the Hypatian Empire had resulted into defeat of the northern Ironriders army during the Ironriders offensive in Barbarian lands, while the Firemaids and Firemaidens had successfully blocked the central army into the Battle of the Iwensi Gap. However the southern army managed to reach the capital city Hypat, while the delayed and damaged central army yet managed to reach their comrades, massing a considerable force.

Hypatian militia, volunteers and regular forces had gathered for a defense of the city, however the Directory (who had not believed in the danger of the threat) quickly accepted a surrender. Ironriders occupied the city and promptly slaughtered most of the Directory.

Despite this, the gathered force of Hypatia still engaged in battle alongside the Dragon Empire to liberate the city.

Battle Edit

Wistala was put in charge to lead the Hyaptian force and attacking first. Hypatian forces included 48 heavy Knights of the Directory, mounted thugs and war-carts from Fount Brass, spearmen and horsemen from Shyresta, light horsemen from Mossbell led by Dsossa and militia from other Thanes: such gathered force was also led by General Sandwash, the dwarf Ermet and Thane Roff, under the name of "Last Host".

They faced a larger force of thousands of Ironriders (superior in numbers by 10 to 1) who came out from the city for a frontal fight, well aware of their skill in horse-warfare in open field, split in three columns while the Hypatians could not start a true charge due the slowness of the thugs.

Eventually the two forces collided, with Wistala devastating the thick enemy formations and the thugs (covered with shields) forming an efficient barrier, then the elite Knights of the Directory charged into the larger number of the Ironriders, but after the first impact the Ironriders kept charging themselves, helped by the superior numbers.

At that point, the dragons made their strike.

Dragons split their force in two waves: a "light wave" assault led by the Queen Nilrasha (and including also Essea, as other representative of the Imperial Line), to be followed by an "heavy wave" aerial support (led by the senior Firemaid Ayafeeia and including the strong Verkeera) once the first ones landed for ground fighting.

While Firemaids devastated the Ironriders forces in the open field, Firemaidens had successfully infiltrated into the same city, and started to attacks several key points and gathered troop into the city. The presence of the allied drakka gave hope to the Hypatian population, that armed and started to attack the Ironriders into streets and houses.

Hypatians and Firemaids then successfully moved into the city, while Ironriders attempted to organize a defense centered into Temple Hill (where the Ironrider princes were gathered). Heavy street-fights saw mistakes committed by Ironriders (who were often encircled or taken from behind by flying Firemaids), however the fight was ferocious and Ironriders fought with the courage of desperation, even rushing for close-quarter with dragons to attempt stabbing them.

It was during these hard street-fighting that Queen Nilrasha was badly wounded: she landed to the top of an Hypatian temple, valuating the columns as thick enough, but the roof itself wasn't. The Queen lost an entire wing, smashed by a fallen pillar, and the other one was torn (that one too was eventually cut). Ironriders had gathered around her, able to kill the Queen if she had not cut the smashed wing that was trapping her. The Queen survived the wounds, but lost the ability to fly. Yefkoa was immediately dispatched as messenger to give news to the Tyr.

Aftermath Edit

Even if the course of the war was decided by the Battle of Ghihar, the First Battle of Hypat resulted in the rescue of the last human nation with notions of advanced civilization (including a system of laws and a cultural and literary heritage).

The battle also shaped the following politics in the last years of the Age of Fire, with the formation of the Grand Alliance between Hypatian Empire and Dragon Empire.

The crippling of Queen Nilrasha also brought a number of consequences to her and the Tyr RuGaard, because of her inability of fly. She was tended by bats and by Essea until the arrival of Tyr RuGaard, after the battle: his arrival was believed to have gifted her the energy to recover to her wounds.

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