The First Battle of Lavadome was fought immediately after the end of the Dragon Civil Wars, before the Age of Fire.

First Battle of Lavadome
Time before of the Age of Fire
Place Lavadome, Lower World
Result Decisive Dragon Empire victory. Rise of Tyr FeHazathant
Dragon Empire


blighters insurgents






multiple commanders
dragons and drakes

griffarans reinforcement

multiple armies
probably heavy probably very heavy or devastating

Background Edit

The Dragon Civil Wars caused a great number of losses among the dragons in Lavadome and weakened all the three dragon lines: Skotl, Wyrr and Anklene. A coalition of enemies of dragons was forged, attempting to exploit this time of trouble and weakness. Blighter thralls made their uprising against their Dragon rulers, and were joined in alliance with dwarves and demen.

Battle Edit

FeHazathant managed to gather all the dragons of the different lines to fight against the common enemy. When a dwarven offensive almost managed to conquer the Imperial Rock, the old dragon RaHurath called in help from his old griffaran friends who helped to turn the tide. FeHazathant was wounded by a spear but kept moving from cave to cave to convince dragons joining the last stand in the Imperial Rock. The dragonelle Tighlia bravely visited the blighter camp, ostensibly to negotiate, but managed to sow discord between the blighter and their allies. EmLar led in battle the younger drakes: his force ambushed the demen's column in lower passages, destroying the enemies both making an entire wall to collapse over the demen and volleying flames at the others.

Aftermath Edit

The battle ended with a decisive Dragons victory. The dragons managed to survive, destroying the invasion force. Moreover the hominid assault had actually put together the quarreling lines under a wise leadership and ultimately securing the end of the Dragon Civil Wars, and the establishment of FeHazathant as Tyr of the Dragon Empire. As direct consequence of the Battle, a firm and stable alliance was formed between dragons and griffarans, with the avians joining the Empire.

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