The First Battle of Swayport was a minor battle during the Dragon-riders Wars.

First Battle of Swayport
Time shortly before the Age of Fire
Place Swayport, Western Shores of Inland Ocean
Result Pirates victory
Dragon-riders Pirates of Swayport
unknown Rider commander Pirate Lords
unknown unknown
probably moderate probably moderate

Some details of the battle were known to the Dragon Empire during the Age of Fire thanks the survival of some veterans: a single Dragon-rider scout demanded food and drink from his mount and when denied he burned small crafts in the harbor for revenge. Dragon-riders returned in group and found the pirates ready for battle.

Some skirmishes were fought, and the last attack failed because the pirates had learned from dwarfs to use war machines firing aerial harpoons from the towers. Some of the weapons brought long chains at the end, to cripple and bring down the dragons. Pirates took trophies from the battle.

The Dragon-riders decided that taking the quarreling city wasn't worth the cost and left.

Aftermath Edit

The battle was one of the few defeats suffered by Dragon-riders during the first phase of the conflict (but a minor one). Swayport took a number of refugees during the war.

Years later, pirates were bold after this victory, and defied the Grand Alliance, causing their downfall in the Second Battle of Swayport.

An human Dragon rider veteran of the battle, who later joined the Aerial Host, gave information of the enemy conduct of the battle.

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