The First Battle of the Star-Tunnel was a decisive battle of the long Demen War.

First Battle of the Star-Tunnel
Time Age of Fire
Place Star-Tunnel, Lower World
Result Decisive Dragon Empire victory.
Dragon Empire demen
HeBellereth multiple generals (2 captured including Gigrix)
Aerial Host

armed thralls

dwarves mercenaries

a large army
very light very heavy or devastating.

120 warriors and 2 generals (one wounded) captured

at least 1000 captured as aftermath

Background Edit

The old Demen War between the Dragon Empire and the demen was destined to reach an end when RuGaard became Tyr: thanks his new leadership and a number of military innovations, the dragons were determined to end the war once and for all.

Even if this important battle is here remembered as "First", it's known that during the Demen War a number of skirmishes, clashes, ambushes and possibly larger battles were fought in the Star-Tunnel years after years: every time the demen suffered massive losses, but at the price of dozens of dragons and even more dragonelles killed, with demen opening new portals to attack in other directions.

Battle Edit

The Star-Tunnel was of great strategically importance and has long been a stronghold and inhabited place for the demen (compared to the same Lavadome, for importance).

The battle was won with a decisive assault of the Aerial Host who broke the demen resistance: the dragons used innovations from the old battles, carrying ferried armed thralls, while other Riders fought from their back.

Ten "claw-score" or more demen were at first took prisoners, in addition to two generals (one badly wounded).

Dragons hired dwarves mercenaries to drag out of small tunnels and capture a thousand of demen, including wounded ones.

Aftermath Edit

The victory opened the old north-east passage in the Lower World to the dragons.

As consequences of the battle, the Demen-King Paskinix made a peace offering, embellishing it with his fiery style to make it seems more the demands of a winner than the concessions of the loser.

A following fight erupted during the Second Battle of the Star-Tunnel, but it was an attempt to recover a freed prisoner, rather than reconquering the Tunnel.

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