First Urlant War
Time before the Age of Fire
Place Urlant Uphold
Result Dragon Empire Victory
Dragon Empire blighters


Tyr FeHazathant unknown

humans of Urlant

at least 1 human army

blighters warriors

probably moderate

at least one dragon killed

Very heavy

The First Urlant War occurred before the Age of Fire.

The Dragon Empire fought to protect the Uphold of Urlant from an human enemy army.

The war, despite of being of little historical importance, was relevant because involved the participation of some of The Siblings 's ancestors.

EmLar, grandsire on the mother side of The Siblings fought successfully to evict the bligthers and gain land for the humans of the Uphold.

AuRye, grandsire on the father side of the Siblings, engaged and destroyed a whole army of human foes, before being killed in battle.

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