The Fourth Battle of Lavadome was the final and decisive battle during the Second Dragon Civil War.

Fourth Battle of Lavadome
Time Age of Fire
Place Lavadome
Result Decisive victory for the anti-Dragon Empire forces
dragons of the Dragon Empire

Dragon Tower

Dragon Empire(nominally)
The Siblings




Imfamnia (Red Queen)(deceased)

multiple dragons



Griffaran of the Rock

First phase: Heavy

Second phase: moderate

First phase: Light

Second phase: Heavy


The alliance forged by the Siblings manage to defeat the Demen Legion during the Second Battle of Hypat, saving the Hypatian civilization and many lives (including dragons). However the dragons lost no time in flying south to depose their enemy, while two of the Siblings (AuRon and RuGaard) were captured by the schemes of Imfamnia and Rayg.


Unlikely other battles of the Age of Fire, this final clash was an entirely aerial-battle with no involvments of hominids.

The dragons gathered however included both northern dragons from Dragon Tower and individuals from the Empire led by NoSohoth. DharSii was primary responsable to leading the group in battle formation and directing it.

As soon as the dragons approached the Lavadome, they engaged a mixed army of flying trolls and black Griffaran of the rock. The first clash proved bloody, with three dragons brought down followed by others at the price of just one.

After this first bloody start, Wistala realized how the enemy Griffaran grew heavy and powerful, but slow: DharSii directed the dragons to fight in pair and exploit speed. One of the first to adapt this strategy and bring down an enemy Griffaran was Varatheela while DharSii made two opponents collide midair, shortly later he was wounded by a troll.

The proper battle ended with a mutual retreat, probably intended as a pause.

Events into the LavadomeEdit

Inside the Lavadome, Rayg and the the Red Queen (who has been revealed to possess the body of Imfamnia) forced AuRon and RuGaard to fight each other, leading to the supposed death of RuGaard by troll's jaws.

Realizing to be under attack, Rayg activated the Lavadome: the structure lifted from the mountains and rocks revealing to be a huge vessel of mysterious origins.

Right before the Lavadome could be fully activated, AuRon managed to trick the Red Queen to attack Rayg (hinting the two of them are going to fight each other for power sooner than later): during the struggle, the Red Queen broke the crystal staff and the Lavadome was left without control. At that point a swarm of bats assaulted Imfania and Rayg, crying for revenge for their deprived darkness and for Tyr RuGaard who befriended their kind.

While the tower were they located started crushing, Rayg and the Red Queen realized the common danger and attempted to fly away: the Red Queen, while possessing a dragon's body, had no instincts for flight and she did not realize how the bats made small wounds at her tendon, thus falling from the tower.


The main engagement of the battle did not influenced the outcome, entirely depedant on AuRon and RuGaard's actions. The demise of Rayg and the Red Queen paved the way to the next Age of the world, with the conclusion of the war, and a future for the hominids and dragons.

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