FuPozat was a copper male dragon living during the Age of Fire in the Dragon Empire. He had an off-balance horn on his crest. Blighters called him "Mountain King" but also with the less honorable nickname "Fusspot" (a name used also by Istach).

He was assigned as replacing Protector in Old Uldam, taking the place of Istach.

He proved to be a poorly manager of the economy of the Protectorate, being more prone to satisfy the greed of the Empire. He also wanted to mate with Istach, not to have hatchlings, but just for the pleasure of doing it: a proposal that was strongly refused by Istach. According Istach, FuPozat proved to be a bad Protector also by over-reacting toward external perceived threats, but this could also been a scheme of NiVom to stirr trouble and annoy the Princedoms of Sunstruck Sea.

Knowing from blighters about the return of AuRon (who was investigating about the dead bodies disappeared after the Massacre at the Grand Feast), he attempted to attack the older and more experienced dragon. AuRon did not seriously tried to harm his aggressor, but FuPozat managed to wound himself loosing fire while plunging down.

AuRon get the help of an unhappy Istach to take care and bring the fool dragon to safety and heal him.

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