Gargoyls are uncommon being living the world. They're flier sharing many traits in common with bats (their ancestors), but with large size and draconic features (talons, scales etc..).

History Edit

Gargoyls are rarely seen during the history, the first time happened during the Age of the Sorcerer: they were employed in battle by Anklamere during the War of the Sorcerer, fighting against the dragon NooMoahk.

Many years later, Rayg managed to produce and breed Gargoyls after constant feeding of dragon-blood to large strain of bats. It occurred a number of generations to produce gargoyls, but considering the high pace of their reproduction and short life, it was achieved in a little number of years.

It's unknown if (and how many) Gargoyls survived the downfall of their first and second masters, or if other individual managed to recreate the race.

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