Gettel was a human woman who lived before and during the Age of Fire. She was also called "Red Hair" by Shadowcatch.

She joined the Dragon-riders, despite not welcoming most of the racial ideas of the Andam, she believed that her presence was needed to secure a future to women too and was dispatched to lead a garrison on the Barbarian coast.

When the Dragon-riders were defeated after the Insurrection on the Isle of Ice, Gettel remained in her garrison, known as the Dragon Tower, that soon become a rallying point for the survived riders and their dragons.

Gettel organized the survivors, abandoning the old racist practices and shaping the organization on more equal base. When she welcomed the Copper, it was clear how she personally intended to secure the life of the dragons living into her Tower.

Despite aged, she played a crucial role in the events occurred during the Second Dragon Civil War: her dragons joined with the Exiles and she personally took part at the Second Battle of Hypat.

Death and Legacy Edit

Her partecipation to the battle was regarded as unwise due her age. She expected to not surive the battle.

It is unknown if Gettel actually died during the battle or survived to live other few ages.

Regardless her ultimate demise, Gettel has been an extremely important figure of her time playing a crucial role to save the life of many northern dragons and eventually to secure a future for dragons and other races at the end of the Age of Fire.

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