During the War of the Red Queen, the Ghioz Empire launched a large offensive against the Upholds.

Ghioz offensive in Upholds
Time Age of Fire
Place multiple Dragon Empire Upholds
Result Ghioz Empire pyrrhic victory (see Aftermath)
Ghioz Empire

headhunters of Windbreak isles

Dragon Empire (Upholds)
multiple commanders multiple Upholders

local human kings and blighter chiefs

Numerous armies


headhunters' canoes


Local Upholders, their families and guards.

Local humans and blighter warriors

Probably light Probably none or light among dragons

Probably heavy among humans and blighters, including civilians and many took as slaves

Background Edit

Conquering the Upholds, and expanding the control over the whole Upper World territory controlled by the Dragon Empire, was a primary target for the Red Queen.

Conflict Edit

Ghioz Empire gained allies in the islands of the far south: tribes of headhunters from the Windbreak isles, and establishing a base in the Chushmereamae island. Raids were carried from canoes on the coasts of Tuvalea and Komod, destroying villages and capturing people for slavery.

With the open war declaration to the Hypatian Empire, the Red Queen made a further push launching open attacks into several Upholds who fell one-by-one.

Tyr RuGaard ordered the Aerial Host to not fight in battle (despite a proposal to strike Chushmereamae): the same Upholders made little resistance and mostly evacuated their Upholds.

Multiple skirmishes and small fights were reported, with Ghioz advancing each time.

Aftermath Edit

The offensive proved to be a terrible mistake and pyrrhic victory for the Ghioz Empire. While their forces were deployed to attempt conquering all the Upholds, the Dragon Empire prepared to strike the heart of their enemies: the capital city Ghiharr, and most of their forces were located in other places when the dragons made their move, being unable to stop such strike.

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