Gobold, later known as King Gobold Fangbreaker, was a dwarf of the Wheel of Fire who rose to the position of King shortly before the Age of Fire.

Life and DeathEdit

Gobold was the dwarf who made a pact with Irelia, during the Wheel of Fire-blighters War, and then triggering the Wheel of Fire-Dragons War.

When the war was over however, the dragons settled in old blighters caves, and the dwarves perceived such action (as siring a clutch) both as a threat and a breaking of the agreement.

Gobold ever stated that the dragons betrayed him, and they did not fulfill the promises: it's highly possible that he has deliberately adapted (or forced) an interpretation of the pact to support his claim of having been cheated. It's also possible that these claims (stated in front of Wistala) were openly false.

When dragons settled and sired the clutch (that included the Siblings), Gobold was involved in alliance with Dragonblade and worked also on benefit of the Dragon-riders (who were buying and searching for dragon eggs) to kills the dragons and stole the hatchlings. Gobold exploited the Copper's to achieve surprise and attack the cave: during the assault he personally finished and murdered Irelia, gaining the title of "Fangbreaker".

Such act brought him to the top of the leadership in the Wheel of Fire. Years later, when Wistala visited Ba-drink with the circus, she made a "prophecy" for him, prompting the dwarf to gain absolute power.

Inspired from her words, Gobold achieved such power, self-proclaiming himself King and creating a system of absolute power into the Wheel of Fire.

He led his army into the Battle of Domlod, where he achieved a victory against the demen at the cost of one leg.

When Wistala visited again Ba-drink, she managed to instigate conflict between the dwarf and the self-proclaimed King Hammar: this ultimately led the downfall of the Wheel of Fire and the death of Gobold by the same Wistala, during the Battle of Ba-drink.


Gobold was hated by Wistala for the betrayal and the murdering of her family. He was also remembered as a ferocious tyrant in the Wheel of Fire, known for brutal executions in front of masses.

However after the Battle of Ba-drink, there were some who believed Gobold brought the Wheel of Fire to the peak of power (he indeed achieved it, even if only thanks tyranny), and there were dwarves who (even years later) remembered it positively for this.

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