The Grand Alliance was a political and military alliance forged by the human Hypatian Empire and the Dragon Empire as aftermath of the War of the Red Queen.

Tyr RuGaard designed with the Hypatian Directory this alliance to open an Age of mutual prosperity and peace, to enforce this pact, the Dragon Empire dispatched "Protectors" in the Thanedoms, with duties of vigilance and support of the Thane, in exchange for a residence in the Upper World and resources.

To keep honor to the Alliance, the Dragon Empire was involved in the Second Battle of Swayport.

Later, the Kingdom of Dairuss (that refused and sent away its Protector) was convinced with diplomacy to be part of the Alliance, preventing a war, a similar agreement was made with the Kingdom of Fount Brass.

True PowerEdit

Shortly after the forming of the Alliance, it soon became clear that the pact was actually a façade: the Hypatian order was now a shadow of the past and the Alliance itself is actually nothing more than a political tool from the Empire to extend it's control over the other hominid lands.

Participants Edit

Dragon Empire

Hypatian Empire

Later also:

Kingdom of Dairuss

Kingdom of Fount Brass ("provisionally")

Isle of Ice (nominally)

Flag Edit

An Anklene dragon and a group of Hypatians designed a flag for the Alliance: the Tyr RuGaard ironically stated that the design of the emblem looks like a "goat track".

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