Gray dragons are a distinctive variety of Dragons. They're rare and the trait is believed to be hereditary.

Features and details Edit

Gray dragons are born without scales: the lack of protection make them more vulnerable but also cause the dragon to lack the usual hunger form ore, iron, gold and other precious minerals.

Because of this feature, gray dragons quickly learn to be less fighting and more prone to hide or evade fights.

Their smooth skin is of gray base color, however it is actually able to mimic the surrounding colors, giving the dragon a powerful defensive weapons that can disguise hunters or enemies.

Despite rare, the trait is believed to be genetically inherited, as a recessive gene: AuRon, one of the Siblings, inherited it from his maternal grandfather EmLar. None of his children (or the ones of Wistala's first clutch) was born gray, meaning that the gene could probably need to be inherited from both the parents 's lines (recessive gene).

Notable gray dragons Edit

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