The Griffaran Guard was a special group of elite griffaran who protected the life of the Tyr of the Dragon Empire.

They were extremely loyal to the current Tyr, without being corrupted by intrigues of palace, and alert to prevent assassination attempt.

Despite their skills, they could not prevent the death of Tyr FeHazathant and Tyr SiDrakkon (both due murdering, but occurred in private royal chambers).

They also did not prevented the death of the corrupted Tyr SiMevolant, who betrayed the dragons to side with the Andam during the Second Battle of Lavadome.

During the Age of Fire, Tyr RuGaard went in battle followed by the Guard during the Battle of Ghihar and the Second Battle of Swayport, who made an effective participation on the battlefield, proving to be decisive to counter the tactics of the Roc-riders in aerial warfare.

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