Half-elves are uncommon hominids inhabiting the world. They're the product of the unions between human and elves, differently from the unions of humans and blighters, the half-elves are fertile.

Even if the elves have a peculiar life cycle (see: Elves) they are still capable to conceive children in the human-way. Despite the close association between humans and elves at times, half-elves are still uncommon due the low number of elves during the Age of Fire.

Half-elves have no plant-like traits, differently from the elves (no tendrils or leafs growing in the hair, no "Last Age" after the death). However they've strength, energy, intelligence and good-looking features.

Some half-elves (as Eyen) were known to take advantage on their features, because humans are easily charmed and sexually attracted by them.

Known half-elves Edit

Eyan (half-elf)

Lada (1/4 elf)

Rayg (1/8 elf)

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