Hammar was a young human Hypatian Thane (thus being usually called Thane Hammar), who lived shortly before the Age and Fire and at some point self-proclaimed himself as King Hammar, leading a coalitions of barbarians from Galahall, his power seat. He gained the name of "Dwarfhanger" after his initial military victory over the dwarves.

Life and DeathEdit

Hammar inherited the Thanedom from his father and ruled from Galahall. However he was young, by human standard, and enjoyed the power with arrogance and contempt. During his first years of power, he come to conflict with the elf Rainfall who was ruling Mossbell, taxing him heavily, because he wanted force the elf to give Mossbell to him.

Hammar later seduced Lada, grandchildren of Rainfall, and got her pregnant despite her being a young teen. Hammar had no clear interest in Lada (despite the love professed by the girl), and he was more interested in humiliating Rainfall.

Hammar come also in bad terms with Wistala, and the two of them threatened each others for years, with Hammar refusing to consider her a sentient being or an Hypatian citizen. The young man was angered when discovered how Wistala actually inherited Mossbell from Rainfall.

Ultimately Hammar associated himself with barbarians, abandoning his position of Thane (considering it vestiges of an old past) and self-proclaiming himself King.

The following Invasion of Mossbell was a success because he could temporarily achieve control of these lands and caused the death of Rainfall in the process.

Wistala planned her revenge and managed to drag the dwarves of the Wheel of Fire into a conflict with him, during the Battle of Galahall, but Hammar evaded death. Barbarian lands were attacked during the Punitive expedition on Blacklake and Kark but once again Hammar emerged victorious: his victory was actually a decisive one and brought his force to the doors of the Wheel of Fire's capital.

During the decisive Battle of Ba-drink the Wheel of Fire was defeated and King Gobold was killed: on the peak of his victory however, Hammar faced his demise when Wistala grabbed him and left him among a group of dwarven warriors that ultimately killed him.


Hammar was a living example of how the Hypatian Empire (and the human civilization) was falling in ruin before the Age of Fire: Thanedom was a weak word, and what was once a political position into the Hypatian Order was now empty of meaning. His assumption of the title of "King" had little nobility, and his reign was remarked as being nothing more than a coalition of barbarians.

His actions brought pain, death and suffering to the people living in and around Mossbell and could have threatened also the southern Hypatian cities.

Despite having scored military victories, he's known to have had little merit for them. Many believed Hammer to be a coward.

He's known to have a unofficial bastard line having fathered Rayg from Lada. Rayg himself became an important figure during the Age of Fire. Hammar was also known to have conceived other offspring to seal pacts and alliances with barbarians tribes, after combined "marriages".

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