Hazeleye was a female elf living during the Age of Fire: her actions played a great role causing a number of historical consequences. She was known as "Haz" by her close friends. She had an eye-patch having lost an eye, because of this she was called Eye Patch by the Copper.

Life Edit

Hazeleye has been intrigued and interested to dragons, she satisfied such interest when she found and was accepted by the ancient and powerful NooMoahk. She managed to get the interest of the old dragon singing a song for him (avoiding a probable death). Later she worked hard on understanding dragons (both biology and culture), before leaving: while making this she learned about the "great weakness" of dragons. She wrote a book with Islebreadth, and such book directly inspired Wrimere to eventually organize and lead the Dragon-riders.

She then worked for the Dragon-riders of the Isle of Ice who had started raiding the rare dragons nests to kidnaps eggs and hatchling. It was something she did for need and with sadness, also hoping to preserve the lives of dragons: when the large party gathered to attack AuRel and Irelia's nest caused the death of two dragons and one hatchling, she started to feel a growing pity for the captured hatchling, Auron.

Talking to Auron, she took then decision to set free the young hatchling (an event that ensured Auron's freedom to grew as one of the most significant individuals of the Age of Fire).

Later she abandoned a job she could not endure, but war reached her when the Dragon-riders attacked and burned the elven city of Krakenoor, surviving the massacre and joining the refugees in Dairuss. There she met again with AuRon, in more friendly terms, when he visited Dairuss and took decision to reach the Isle of Ice.

Time later, Hazeleye while gathering further information of dragons (to write a new book), she met at some point Shadowcatch the Black, who informed her of the events occurred during the Insurrection on the Isle of Ice. She reached Ghioz, and made a mistake ending in the hands of the Red Queen who made her tortured to gain information on dragons: her legs were wounded, but she escaped thanks Naf, who later was forced to became an outlaw because such action. She then settled in Mossbell together Lada: there she met again AuRon, when he was searching for Wistala after having heard about her survival.

Legacy Edit

One of the most notable actions of Hazeleye was the courageous decision to free AuRon when he was a small hatchling: thus granting AuRon being free to live his life and to act in the world in the following years, rather than being trained and submitted by the Dragon-riders as a beast of war.

However she was also responsible of the discovery of the "Great weakness" of dragons: the impression. Thanks a book she wrote, Wrimere could learn how to force newborn hatchling to be subjected to their hominid masters, thus creating the Dragon-riders.

Hazeleye's discovery ultimately led to the tragedies of the Dragon-riders Wars.

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